When your employees don’t bring their best to work each day, your business suffers. So we created a process that equips your managers to engage their people so your organization can reach its full potential.

All in only a few minutes a week.

Create a Buzz Among Your Managers

Equip them with the Engagement Drivers to increase staff motivation.

Install Rituals to Create Changes That Stick

Install our framework to turn knowledge into new behaviors.

Become a Leadership Factory

You’ll have a proven process to turn all of your managers into inspirational leaders.

“Nine Minutes on Monday was the first leadership course we found that provided a simple-to-use formula for increasing engagement and productivity.”

Susie O'Dell

VP of HR, Del Papa Bud

Discover how Nine Minutes on Monday has helped businesses just like yours transform employee engagement.

The Simple Solution That Turns Your Front-Line Managers Into Inspirational Leaders In Only Minutes A Week.

When it comes to creating a team of highly motivated employees, most managers either don’t  know how, or they feel like they don’t have time. Nine Minutes on Monday deals with both of these issues by equipping managers with a simple process that increases staff motivation yet does so in only minutes a week.

We know how hard it is to compete in today’s competitive business environment, and we have helped thousands of managers escape from the weeds to lead with more clarity, passion and intention. And when they raise the engagement of your employees, you‘ll see employees take more ownership of their work, bring more of their passion and ideas to the workplace, and put in that extra effort to help your organization reach excellence.

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Nine Minutes on Monday was created by James Robbins. James’ unique approach blends engaging content with simple  rituals to drive new behavior so your managers experience transformation.  His book Nine Minutes on Monday was named the #1 Business book of the year by Canada’s Globe and Mail.  He has been speaking on stages and in corporate training rooms across the United States, Canada and South America, helping managers grow into inspiring leaders.

The Nine Minutes on Monday, program will:
1. Teach your managers the core drivers of employee engagement and how to implement them on a weekly basis with their team.
2. Provide a proven framework to turn their newly acquired knowledge into behavioral change that even the busiest of managers can do.
3. Help your company grow by increasing the engagement of your employees.

Engaged employees are at the heart of every successful company. But if your managers are letting their busy schedules put motivating their staff on the back burner then morale will erode. Once you get your managers intentionally leveraging the key drivers of engagement, your company will grow to it’s fullest potential. Set up a consultation today to see how we can help you transform your managers into inspiring leaders.

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