Your Organization’s Success Hinges On Your Manager’s Abilities To Fully Engage Their Employees.

 The number one challenge that working managers face today is trying to balance the task of leading their people while still getting their own work done.  With deadlines to meet, and the pressure of leading their staff, many managers feel like they cannot do it all. This causes managers to  become overly task focused, failing to adequately spend time motivating and engaging their employees.
But motivating your staff does not have to be complicated, it only takes spending the little time you have on the activities that bring you the greatest results. The key is to know which activities have the greatest impact on employee engagement. This is what Nine Minutes on Monday will  teach you.

Staff Motivation Is Driven By Psychological Needs

The Nine Needs

Nine Minutes on Monday works because it is based on nine powerful drivers of engagement. There are nine key needs that when met, lead to engaged employees. In order to create a high performance work environment you must tap into these nine needs. When you do its like flipping a switch of motivation on inside each of your staff. In this course you will learn more about each of these needs but more importantly, you will learn simple and practical ways to put them into practice that don’t take a lot of time.

“This is the best leadership training I have ever attended.”


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The Simple Solution That Turns Your Front-Line Managers Into Inspirational Leaders In Only Minutes A Week.

Nine Minutes on Monday helps managers implement the crucial drivers of employee engagement, but in a way that is sustainable and sensitive to busy schedules. The program helps managers make changes that stick and ultimately lead to higher levels of staff motivation, productivity and engagement. Today’s managers need tools that are light, easy-to-use and effective. Nine Minutes on Monday provides them.


Nine Minutes on Monday works because it employs the principle of stacking.  If you want to help someone change, you don’t simply drop a ton of information on them. Instead, you give them bite-sized principles that can be put into practice right away. Then after they implement them we build on it by adding more. Nine Minutes on Monday is a step-by-step program that uses stacking to help managers make lasting change. The information is divided into practical steps that build on each other so your managers experience transformation.

“Whether you’re a seasoned manager or brand new to leadership, Nine Minutes on Monday is a no fail guide on how to maximize employee loyalty, productivity, and overall satisfaction.”

Melody Moore

Director of Talent Acquisition & Development, UA Brands


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