51% of Employees are Thinking of Quitting.

But One Simple Shift Can Turn The Odds In Your Favor.


And it only takes a few minutes a week.

People are searching for new jobs

According to the latest research from Gallup an alarming trend is happening in the workplace. A whopping 51% of employees are actively looking for new jobs or watching for job openings.

A few years ago this wasn’t the case but you know how quickly things can change.

And how engaged do you think that 51% is in your workplace?

Yeah, you guessed it. Marginal at best.

Which means you’re running on half power.

That’s like having an 8-cyclinder race car running on only 4 cylinders. Sure the wheels turn and it can make it around the track but it’s going to get blown away by the competition.

And if you don’t get intentional about engaging your employees, you can’t be successful.


But, there’s some good news!

70% of Employee Engagement is in the hands of your managers.

The war for talent is won or lost on how well your managers lead their staff.

James and John Maxwell training leaders in South America

Do pay, employee benefits, and work conditions affect engagement? Sure they do, but no where near as much as the leadership provided by individual managers.

When it comes to employee motivation, day-to-day leadership is everything, which is why you want to empower, and equip your managers with the techniques that have maximum impact on engagement.

So how do you get your managers to lead in a way that engages their staff and empowers them to work with passion, while taking ownership for what they do?

It’s all how you train them…and this is the tough part.

Today’s managers need a different approach

No matter where in the world I travel, managers are facing the same challenge; trying to motivate their staff while juggling their own mile-long to-do list. This is why so many managers feel tired and overwhelmed, wondering how long they can keep it up. Some even begin to question whether or not they have what it takes to be a leader.

Then we try to train them, but many feel they don’t even have time for that and when your managers feel overwhelmed there’s no way they’re going to inspire the best in their team.

Today’s work world is the busiest it’s ever been which is why you have to take a different approach.

“Nine Minutes on Monday was the first leadership program we found that provided a simple-to-use formula for increasing engagement and productivity.”

Susie O'Dell

VP of HR, Del Papa Bud

It’s all about micro investments

When people get overwhelmed they resort to task work. Checking items off a to-do list may help you feel better in the moment but when you get too focused on tasks you neglect the very thing that will lead to your success, and that’s bringing out the best in your people.

So how do you get everything done AND be a great leader to your people?

Micro Investments.

The key to motivating your staff in today’s work world is to leverage the little time you have and focus it on the few things that yield the biggest results. Decades of research have shown us what drives motivation, we simply have to invest the small amount of time we do have on those motivation drivers.

While leadership isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Introducing Nine Minutes on Monday.

The Simple Solution That Turns Your Front-Line Managers Into Inspirational Leaders In Only Minutes A Week.

Create a Buzz Among Your Managers

Equip them with the Engagement Drivers to increase staff motivation.

Install Rituals to Create Changes That Stick

Install our framework to turn knowledge into new behaviors.

Become a Leadership Factory

You’ll have a proven process to turn all of your managers into inspirational leaders.

Nine Minutes on Monday is a simple solution to help your managers invest the little time they have on the engagement drivers that produce the greatest results.

By teaching your leaders how to leverage the key drivers of employee engagement and providing them with a dead-simple framework to follow, your managers will raise the engagement, passion, and the creativity of your workplace.

Thousands of managers around the world have already transformed their work teams with Nine Minutes on Monday.

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